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Launched Tanjay Website

The Tanjay, providing Integrated Customized Real Estate Advisory in Dubai. Tanjay has Genuine Trusted Selection criteria for listing properties for renting and selling. The listing is done through a structured process by qualified specialized Listing professionals with higher professional Standards with a focus to list only Quality Properties with genuine ownership matching our standards

Launched My Community Photo

An on-line image database for royalty free stock images allowing individuals and professionals to legally buy and share their stocked images and illustrations; The application features the admin, user interface, payment, member management, referral system and database module.

Launched CLS Site

CLS provides customized corporate solutions. They help identify possible gaps and customize the saving solution for the corporate.

Launched Daytona & Detroit

Daytona & Detroit House in MotorCity – A truly prestigious business location near the racetrack. Set back from the track, but commanding excellent views, Detroit House is located on MotorCity’s main commercial strip. Its impressive architecture joins with the boulevard arcade in a rich simplicity that reflects the elegant spacious feel of Parisian boulevards. Ideally placed for shops and retail outlets, Detroit House is a prime location for successful businesses. Ideal for businesses such as Financial firms, Auditing companies, Doctors, Medical professionals, Consulting Firms, etc.

Launched MRS Laboratory Site

MRS LABORATORY & MEDICAL SUPPLIES LLC is a leading supplier of Sophisticated Scientific Instruments like Electron Microscopes, Ion Beam Instruments, Mass Spectrometers, NMR spectrometers & EDXRF in U.A.E.