Animated E Book

Presenting your products with an enhanced reading experience which is attractive, appealing and engaging. The key is to bring technology to books, leading to creation of enhanced eBooks with rich multimedia, animation, interactivity, and much more.TIBS offers you the expertise of our media designers, technologists and content developers can create interactive product demonstration that can fully expose your product to your prospects. We are capable of converting conventional printed books as well as eBooks into enhanced and interactive content.

The Features includes :

  • Integration of rich and engaging media features like video, audio and interactivity
  • Provides navigation and selective reading more convenient by searchable text and collapsible tables of contents
  • Internal linking with footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes
  • External linking with associated websites/directions/social media sites

It acts as an excellent PR tool to give your customers a glimpse of the year and raise expectations for the year to come.